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National dept recovery:

Collection prior to litigation processes:
We use our expertise to motivate customers with delayed payments to settle their debts.  
We offer our services during the notice period before litigation, where we can be of great assistance.
Such services ensure the best possible realization, and allow the use of available capacities to be focused in the core business.
The first step is contacting your client in writing and demanding the settlement of debt.
The process is executed in a number of steps that have been agreed upon beforehand.
If the debtor neither responds appropriately nor settles the debt, we contact the debtor by telephone in order to arrange payment or individual agreements.
Our associates are specially educated for such tasks.

Collection during litigation processes:

If an out-of-court settlement is unsuccessful, our attorneys prepare a letter of notice or a lawsuit in agreement with you. Further collection enforcement measures are adapted for each particular case.
Depending on the limitation period, debt recovery based on collection enforcement is monitored for 30 years in addition to the regular monitoring of the debtor's financial status.
A collection enforcement procedure is once again initiated with a positive result.

International debt recovery:

Debts follow the debtor regardless of their location.
Debts do not remain in the country in which they were created!
Due to this, it is favorable to have an experienced debt collector partner – such as us – who knows how to get the job done and is active in

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and has developed a worldwide network with long-standing partners, which enables the easy taking over and execution of the debt collection.
We are the best to call! We take care of everything!

As address check costs vary from country to country, we will gladly create an individual offer for you.
Contact us.
The costs for reliable solvency information and economic assessments of companies and natural persons vary from country to country.
For a proper offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.